The Downward Spiral of American Politics

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American is no longer the model for modern Democracy.  Democracy was dealt a severe blow when the Fascists on the U.S. Supreme Court gave a green light to the outright purchase of elected officials.   Money is speech.  It is the law of the land.  Today “free” speech that has impact is beyond the financial means of 99.9% of all Americans.

The candidates and mass media consistently collude to ignore the fact that our way of financing and conducting elections needs drastic and immediate change or our vote will soon become irrelevant and democracy will be all but dead.   How can you trust the politician who tells a bald face lie about preventing voter fraud when in fact, Republicans and the Supreme Court are intentionally and systematically doing everything in their power to suppress voter turnout?  I am astounded that such hypocrisy is tolerated and even supported!  The very essence of participatory democracy is being thrown in the trash can by the “Republicans”.  These same people love to preach to Americans and the entire world that America is the vanguard of democracy and freedom.  What trash talk!  These so-called “Christians” who only have contempt for the poor, have more in common with the Theocracy of Iran than the Democracy of America.

global-warming illustratedGlobal warming, it’s devastating effects, and what must be done now to avoid global catastrophe is not even a footnote in presidential and congressional campaigns nor is it on any future legislative agenda.  This is in spite of the fact that man-made global warming is destroying the planet and the only issue the Republicans want to talk about is approval of the Keystone, dirty oil pipeline.

smoke stacksThe Fascists of Corporate America pretend to be Republicans so they can claim a false credibility.  They continue to lie about global warming and deny the fact that climate change is caused by humans, which is established science. These same people are the ones who poison our water, air, and food in the name of capitalism and freedom. Corporate America decides what we like, the price of gas, and the amount of toxins we are exposed to in the name of “freedom”.  How many climate change-related disasters do we have to have before people wake up and recognize they are being manipulated?

America is no longer the shining light that leads exploration of new frontiers and pursuit of the new human potential.  Today religious leaders are just as absent as our political leaders.   They are blind to the problems of the modern world because their belief system is rooted in antiquity, when they never even dreamed of the values and moral implications associated with pollution, birth control, genetics, stem cell research, gay marriage, or quantum physics, just to cite a few obvious examples.  Today we have men of God issuing decrees using phantom moral prescriptions they allege come directly from the Bible, their only source for what we should believe and how we should behave in the modern world.

America needs a political and philosophical transformation in terms of its values and beliefs.  How is that going to happen?  Stayed tuned.  I will be writing about it..

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I am a writer. I wrote music reviews and opinion articles for The L.A. Beat prior to starting my own Blog. My interests are my son, wine and food, and guitar/uke. I hate TV, driving in traffic, lines, cold weather, and The Tea Party. I love my work, especially when it involves the creative aspect of starting something new and participating in meaningful change.
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