The Secret Republican Presidential Election Strategy

capitalismThere are plenty of articles about Republicans and why they need a new strategy if they are going to win the next presidential election.  Republicans are conducting major conferences and dialogues with groups who feel disenfranchised.  They want to broaden their appeal and discourage people from voting for Democrats.

Republicans had great success in gaining control of the House of Representatives, thanks in large part to their ability to gerrymander congressional districts so that they do not have to worry about representing a broad cross-section of political views.  As long as they keep their ultra-conservative base happy, they have job security.  But now they realize drawing congressional districts along party lines is not enough.  voter fraudThey still have the problem of more  Democrats voting than Republicans.  They are painfully aware that Republicans lost the popular vote in five of the six most recent Presidential elections.

Conservative State legislators are wasting no time enacting new legislation to prevent voter fraud.  Now that the Supreme Court has given the green light, they are making the war on voter fraud one of their top priorities in spite of the fact that voter fraud is essentially nonexistent.  There is one fortunate fact about voter fraud legislation that has special appeal. Voter fraud initiatives suppress the vote of far more Democrats than Republicans.

spider exterminateAnother major strategy of Republicans is to doing everything in their power to make Obama look bad.  They accomplish this by stopping every piece of legislation that could make Obama look good.  They abuse the filibuster rule and threaten to manufacture economic crisis in order to make sure the work of Congress grinds to a halt and Obama gets blamed.

Republicans insist on enforcing financial austerity and sacrifice by everyone except the rich, despite overwhelming and mounting evidence from history, the European Union, and our own Federal Reserve policy that the way to recover from recession is temporary financial stimulus, not austerity.

Conservatives have their major issues that they constantly promote. They are very passionate about border security, right to life, deregulation, defining marriage, gun laws, voter fraud, low taxes for rich people, and religious freedom.  money planeThey avoid talking about, and in many cases outright oppose the major issues of our day, which include climate change, job creation, alternative energy, foreign policy, infrastructure, affordable higher education, health care reform, civil rights, the impact of exporting manufacturing, and the corrupting influence of money in politics.  Unfortunately Democrats are also happy to act like the secondary issues so loved by Republicans are the most important rather than confront the issues that will shape our future.

A fair summary of the Republican Presidential election strategy is make it easy to get re-elected to the House of Representatives; suppress voting by Democrats; just say no to anything that could make Obama look good; cater to the special interests of the rich; and divert the attention of the American people away from the generational issues we must be address if we are to enjoy the prosperity and happiness that has been uniquely American throughout most of our history.  The good news is this new strategy is the same failed approach they tried in the last election.  We will have to wait and see if they they have better luck the second time.barbed wire vote

I wish to thank my Facebook friend Steve Sheppard for encouraging me to have a discussion of the issues instead of just calling Republicans stupid and liars..

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