God Only Knows


The history of man is the history of self-hate. Mankind has always practiced torture, murder, genocide and destruction of the very environment in which we live.  To believe in ‘God the Creator’ requires an unshakeable faith and denial of man’s ugly history.  To those that have such faith, read no further..

If God is everything, then God cannot be a Creator.  God is separate from everything or he is not.  You choose.  I choose God is everything.  If you believe God is everything, God gets off the hook and we don’t have to invent nebulous explanations to understand evil, like “God acts in mysterious ways.”

It defies rationality to think that something (the Universe) sprang from nothing or some little something that exploded (the big bang theory).  There is no beginning of infinity.

The only other explanation is that the Universe has always been here, it’s eternal.  Eternal, by definition, cannot be created.  To believe otherwise requires an act of faith, a decision to believe something that rational thinking (common sense) tells you is not true.

If it’s possible to believe God is eternal, that God has no beginning, why is it so hard to believe the same thing about the Universe, which like God, also has no beginning?  In other words, if eternity is possible for God, why isn’t it also possible for the Universe?

If Jesus was God, so are we.  Jesus had beliefs and attitudes rooted in the culture and religion of his time.  Jesus was a human being.  He is called the “son of man” 88 times in the bible, yet we insist on thinking of him as the son of God; as if Jesus is the son of God and the rest of us are not.  The message of Jesus is to examine your own humanity if you want to find God.  Don’t bother looking up at the heavens.  God is not removed from man.  The two are inseparable.

All this leads me to conclude that there is no separate being called God.  This is not a radical idea. It is common knowledge in the Eastern religions.

If God is everything and we are God, then we can only conclude that we are everything and not a separate object in the Universe.  The concept that our skin is a border that separates us from everything else in the Universe is an illusion.  We have no existence independent of everything.  The body is inseparable from everything else.  The body is merely a window the Universe uses to look at itself.  A fish without water does not exist.  A fish and the water are one thing.  The same concept applies to humans and the world in which we live.

Why must we fiercely hold on to the belief that the concept of creation must be true?  The reason is that without creationism, life has no purpose.  We have no reason to exist.  Our importance in the history of the Universe as we know it is the same as no importance at all.  We believe that if we have no purpose, our lives are meaningless and what we do does not matter.  And that is not even the most terrifying part of it.

When the Creator is subtracted from the equation, not only does life have no meaning, but we feel that each one of us is alone in the world.

Humanity has been cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Our connection with nature (the Universe) has been cut off.  The only connection with humanity we have is our brief time in the womb.  Our desire to again be one with the mother, the unconscious bliss of the womb, is the genesis of religion, philosophy and the concept of love.

The concepts of religion, philosophy, and love are essential in convincing ourselves that we have continuity. We want to cling to the illusion that each person is a separate entity that continues their existence after death.  We desperately want to believe that when we die, it’s not over and we are not alone.  We want to believe that our human existence is separate from God (the Universe) and that we will be able to maintain this separateness and our unique consciousness after the body has been consumed by maggots or turned to ash.

“By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” Genesis 3:19

When we recognize the simple reality of who we really are, belief systems lose their utility.  They are no longer needed.  When realize we an inseparable part of all there is, we lose the need to believe that God will save us, that our life must have meaning, that death is to be dreaded, that we need to believe in a greater power to avoid feeling alone, and that we need another person to feel whole.

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I am a writer. I wrote music reviews and opinion articles for The L.A. Beat prior to starting my own Blog. My interests are my son, wine and food, and guitar/uke. I hate TV, driving in traffic, lines, cold weather, and The Tea Party. I love my work, especially when it involves the creative aspect of starting something new and participating in meaningful change.
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