The Republican Crap Diet!


I love the way the republicans avoid honest discussion of issues. They never say the words “childcare, equal pay, healthcare, or affordable college education”. They lump them all together and call it “free stuff” or “funding the government”. They never say “the rich” or “the wealthy”. They say “high earners”. They never say “oil pipeline”. They say “the Keystone jobs program”. They never say “voter suppression”. They call it “voter fraud prevention” even though there’s no fraud to prevent. They never take responsibility for wanting to deport a parent of a US citizen. They call it “deporting illegal aliens”. The word “torture” never applies to America, where it is called “enhanced interrogation techniques”. All of this obfuscation is necessary to hide their real agenda, representing the rich and corporate America

Americans are distracted by false issues that keeps the populace from noticing that their world is crumbling. The Republicans invent some crap.  The Democrats act like it’s a real issue.  The populace eats it up.  When it eventually becomes self-evident (and it always does) that the artificially invented political and media circus is meaningless, our attention is diverted to the next irrelevant issue.  Here are some examples of crap both past and present invented by Republicans to avoid the task of real governance:

  1. The Terri Schiavo and Elan Gonzales soap operas.
  2. Obama is a Muslim socialist born in Kenya who refuses to make his birth certificate public.
  3. Waterboarding of terrorists is not torture.
  4. The purpose of gun control laws is to take away our guns.
  5. The ATF Operation Fast and Furious was orchestrated by the US Attorney General to foster gun violence that would provide a rationale for strengthening gun-control laws.
  6. Planned Parenthood operates abortion clinics.
  7. We have a voter fraud problem.
  8. Illegal immigrants come to America because they want to collect welfare.
  9. Global Warming is a theory not supported by sound science.
  10. President Obama directed the IRS to harass Tea Party organizations.
  11. President Obama lied about who attacked the Libyan embassy.
  12. The rich pay high taxes.
  13. Money is free speech.
  14. Corporations are people.
  15. The average American will be better off if the rich have more money to spend.
  16. We have to cut Medicare and Social Security in order to reduce the deficit.

facts cartoon

This is not an exhaustive list, but only illustrative of the crap that is constantly invented by the Republicans and fed non-stop to the American people through the corporate media.  Please feel free to offer your own examples.

Let’s be fair.  I hope my Tea Party friends offer their own list of Democrats’ crap.  It would be interesting to compare the two lists.  I will gladly publish both lists.


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I am a writer. I wrote music reviews and opinion articles for The L.A. Beat prior to starting my own Blog. My interests are my son, wine and food, and guitar/uke. I hate TV, driving in traffic, lines, cold weather, and The Tea Party. I love my work, especially when it involves the creative aspect of starting something new and participating in meaningful change.
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