You Can Change the World by Dave Shaw

global warming not realThe evidence of global warming and incremental, environmental catastrophe is easy to see. Climate scientists predicted more frequent and more severe natural disasters and now it is happening. Today we have more droughts in drought-prone areas, more rain in rainy areas, more extreme weather (strong winds, torrential rain, intense heat spells, etc.), more melting glaciers, acidic oceans, and higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. These events are happening now. They are the precursors to biodiversEarth_Moon_atmosphereity destruction including unprecedented species extinction; famine; under water coastal areas; over crowed and uninhabitable cities; and wars fought over diminishing resources. We are approaching self-reinforcing environmental destruction. Methane gas emissions from the melting tundra will lead to further temperature increase, creating self-reinforcing climate change that cannot be stopped until all the tundra is melted.

Climate scientists throughout the world are virtually unanimous in believing the theory that global warming is real, caused by man, and will result in unprecedented destruction of earth’s ecosystem. To believe otherwise is the same as the flat earth proponents who denied the theory that the earth is round until someone circumnavigated it.

The freedom we have always known is about to vanish for our children and grandchildren. The beautiful and magnificent earth we have always taken for granted is being replaced by unprecedented sacrifice in substandard living conditions on a deteriorating and depressing planet.

Global warming must be stopped and you can make it happen. You don’t have to donate, sign a petition, register, vote, volunteer, or protest. You do not have to “follow”. You are the leader. You merely have to say global warming is real by clicking on a button. The act of not clicking on the button means you do not believe global warming is the most important challenge of our generation; and not a problem that needs to be addressed now.

How much destructive climate change do you have to see before you will acknowledge the validity of the science that supports global warming theory?

The issue is too important to wait for the media or policy makers to finally recognize the science and tell the truth. And if you are not convinced, I am not going to convince you. Read what far more eloquent scientists, environmentalists, and advocates have to say. The massive research during the last 40 years points the same inescapable conclusion. Research and hard evidence to the contrary is virtually non-existent.spacecraft-re-entry-4

For a current, detailed overview of the issues that encapsulates a massive amount of research and expertise about the future we are about to encounter, I recommend: “2052 A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years”, by Jorgen Randers. It is sobering, to say the least.

Share the message with all your face book friends. I am actually going to spend money and promote my face book page with this message, but that is purely optional for you.

Here is the message: Global Warming is real and threatens the future of our planet. We demand acknowledgement of this fact and action by all leaders in the world responsible for developing public policies that we keep our planet healthy.

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I am a writer. I wrote music reviews and opinion articles for The L.A. Beat prior to starting my own Blog. My interests are my son, wine and food, and guitar/uke. I hate TV, driving in traffic, lines, cold weather, and The Tea Party. I love my work, especially when it involves the creative aspect of starting something new and participating in meaningful change.
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