Supreme Court Justice Scalia has Committed an Impeachable Offense

Scalia Cartoon

Supreme Court Anton Justice Scalia wrote in his dissenting opinion about the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), that the Supreme Court should not strike down legislation passed by Congress.  On the other hand, Scalia issued opinions in the Citizen’s United and the Voting Rights Act cases that held the Supreme Court has the authority to (1) strike down portions of the McCain/Feingold legislation called the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, and (2) invalidate a portion of the 2006 legislation, overwhelming supported by Congress, that reauthorized the Voting Rights Act.

It is clear that Scalia’s rulings were not based on any legal arguments given the fact that he chose conflicting standards, depending upon the legislation before the court.  Instead, the principles he applied were solidly consistent with his political ideology.  He is vehemently against gay marriage; he believes money is speech and corporations are people; and he stated that the Voting Rights Act is a form of racial entitlement.  His judicial findings are clearly based on supporting these personal opinions and not any interpretation of law.

If you are not doing the job that you swore under oath to perform, should you be allowed to keep your job?  If a Supreme Court Justice ignores the law in order to advance his personal political ideology, is it grounds for impeachment?

It does not matter how you or I answer these questions.  The only opinions that count are those of Members of Congress and they refuse to even ask the question.

Impeachable offenses are no longer impeachable under our current system of government.  George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld lied to the American people about why the Iraq war was necessary.  They committed war crimes and ordered torture.  Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, did nothing.  To think that they would have the resolve to impeach Scalia is pure fantasy.

Mainstream, corporate media will never point out the utter incompetence and hypocrisy of Justice Scalia.  They act as though nothing can be done because a Supreme Court Justice has a lifetime appointment, as if that is a reason to tolerate what should be an insult to every American citizen who bothers to use their brain.

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Modern Day Fascism: The Tea Party

Fascism is a strong and unifying force because it appeals to an angry working class and derives its strength from corporate control of the economy. The Fascist ideologues impose their principles of fanatic patriotism (often called American exceptionalism); liberty defined as self-interest; and unregulated economic expansion. They seek ideological purity and detest the democratic tradition of compromise for the common good. If you have a different view, they will actively try to prevent you from voting.

The Fascists in Germany started out in the same economic conditions as Hitler before his rise to power. Hitler came from a working class culture with limited education. Most importantly, Germans were angry because they resented the way they were treated after World War I.

Today, Fascists prefer the label “Tea Party”. They want a strong military; they ignore the science of climate change and the science of anything else that does not square with their hyper-conservative and anti-progressive orthodoxy. Practical considerations and humanitarian principles do not matter. They believe the glorification of consumerism and corporate profits are more important than environmental protections and meeting basic human needs. They have no tolerance for the civil rights of those who are different (gays and immigrants being the most recent examples). They hate ObamaCare, because they are afraid “big government” might take money out of their pockets to help someone else.

The genesis of the Tea Party was at a time before it was given that name. Tea Party grew out of an emotionally charged reaction to the theme of Obama’s first Presidential campaign. The theme of that campaign was the simple word, “Change”. This theme created a strongly motivated, negative reaction by those who oppose change.
record of no pic
It would be irresponsible and totally false to blame the Tea Party for today’s resistance to change. The popular view common to both Democratic and Republican political perspectives is that the Presidency of Jimmy Carter and the first Governorship of Jerry Brown were tragic mistakes and examples of incompetence. Yet both these visionaries challenged us to think in new ways (the era of limits, energy independence) and pointed to the futility of trying to return to the past. In hindsight they both identified needed change before society was able to accept it.

The leader of the fanatic anti-change policy is Karl Rove, who set up a tax-exempt, 501-c-4 nonprofit, social welfare corporation that claims to not be primarily political, but dedicated to improving the common good. The IRS should have ignored using search criteria like “tea party” to find the sources of recent, large, corporate donations with political agendas that have nothing tangible to do with contributing to the common good. I am sure the so-called “targeting” criteria used by the IRS turned up a bunch of small fry fish that could not be denied approval due to the fact that the IRS interpretation of tax exemption has been rendered meaningless. The IRS interpretation of the common good is that 49% of a tax-exempt, non-profit’s funds can be spent on promoting a political agenda! Why waste time and resources of the financially sequestered IRS when you already know the biggest fish in the lake is Karl Rove and his society of people who share a belief in the unifying message of Fascism: Corporations are People. Their political agenda is to get as many people elected as possible who subscribe to this dictum, which I might add, has also been decreed by our activist, anti-constructionist, Supreme Court.

The Tea Party has no historical perspective. The have replaced the lessons of history with their nostalgic yearnings for an era gone by, an idealized past that never happened. This means the Tea Party never learns from the past. They are doomed to keep repeating the same tragic mistakes. Just on example of this is the war in Vietnam, which was an effort to use American power to defeat Communist ideology. It failed. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were yet another attempt to use the power of American military to defeat radical Muslim Jihadists. A Tea Party fanatic recently accused me of being insensitive because I criticized America for intervening in Iraq to stop the cruelty perpetuated by Saddam. How many more hundreds of thousands of lives must be wasted before the Tea Party and their neo-con Republican friends learn that a country’s destiny is determined by the people of that country and cannot be imposed by outside military force?
gop agenda
The Tea Party commitment to ideology is so strong that it turns a blind eye to the scientific prediction of epoch changing climate conditions that threaten the existence of the human race! They worship the values of a capitalist system driven by ever-increasing consumerism at the expense of clean water, clean air, and unprecedented natural disasters.

The challenge of the next generation is to avoid the tragic situation we have today where rapid changes in science and technology are not accompanied by an evolving philosophy, religion, or political ideology. Our technologies are racing to the future while our belief system is constrained by the tenants of a 2,000 year old religion that is not keeping pace with the transformation in human relations. The Tea Party worships at the altar of strict adherence to the unchanging and inflexible moral prescriptions of the Bible and the ridiculous Ten Commandments, designed to solve all problems. When ideology becomes frozen while technology marches on at an ever-increasing pace, we find ourselves in the absurd position of denying the truths unearthed by science. Tea Party patriots are fanatical in promoting phony values that they label as “freedom, liberty, and patriotism”. They believe there is no need for critical thinking when your values are sacrosanct and beyond reproach. This thinking allows tea party adherents to believe the way forward is to cling to the past.

For God’s sake, we must get these people out of office.

Meanwhile mainstream media avoids pointing out these obvious truths. They are intelligent people, yet they choose to act like there is a scandal at the IRS orchestrated by Obama, similar to the impeachable offenses of Richard Nixon. They spend weeks covering allegations that the recent attack on the Libyan Embassy was not immediately attributable to organized terrorists. The reason for this behavior is obvious. Mainstream media answers to the demands of their corporate bosses, not the interests of the American people.

In summary, Tea Party leaders tend to be socially mal-adjusted, intolerant of others’ views, and opposed to compromise no matter how negative the consequences. The parallels to Hitler are startling to say the least. I don’t like being harsh, but someone needs to point out the Tea Party propaganda masquerading as patriotism, economic freedom and love of God.

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The Immigration Solution: Choose Reason or Political Philosophy

capturedBorder Patrol Agents Monitor US-Mexico Border

Here are some facts about illegal immigration, its cost, and one popular solution to the problem.  You will not hear Republicans or Democrats in Congress mention these facts, which by no coincidence, corporate media also refuses to address.

For the small minority of citizens who choose to use reason, I do not have to spoon feed you the conclusion.  You will know it.  Those who only care about their so called “principles” should read no further so that they do not get confused by these facts:

  1. No U.S. President has deported more illegal immigrants than President Obama.
  2. The level of illegal immigration from Mexico has not increased since 2007.
  3. According the Pew Hispanic Research Center (the definitive source of the most up-to-date statistics on illegal border crossings):  “During 2000 to 2011, appropriations tripled for the U.S. Border Patrol to stop the flow of immigrants crossing the Southwest border.  During this period the federal government doubled staffing; expanded its use of surveillance technology, including ground sensors and unmanned flying vehicles; and built hundreds of miles of border fencing.”
  4. In 2005, the U.S. Border Patrol reported deployment of 9,891 border agents who captured, according to Pew, one million illegal border crossers.  In 2010 Congress approved $600,000 million to hire 1,500 additional border agents and acquire surveillance drones.  According the CNN, by 2011 the number of border agents had doubled (18,506) and according the Pew, only 327,000 people were apprehended.  This is the lowest apprehension rate in the last 40 years!
  5. The U.S. Council on Foreign Relations reports that $18 billion was spent on border security in the year 2012.  This spending level is so high that it was 24% higher than the amount of money spent by the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and ATF, COMBINED!
  6. The most recent data from the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations found that currently, 84% of those attempting to cross the border are apprehended.
  7. The Senate’s immigration ‘reform’ bill would appropriate $38 billion for border security. This funding includes again doubling the size of the U.S. Border Patrol at the Southwest border to more than 38,000 agents in 10 years at a cost of $30 billion (that amounts to one agent for every 250 feet of border). It includes construction and maintenance of 700 hundred additional miles of border fencing at a cost of $8 billion, and $3.2 billion for more drone aircraft and related high-tech surveillance and detection technology! I can’t help but wonder if anyone ever bothered to think that more eyes in the sky would mean fewer eyes are needed on the ground. It seems to work pretty good in Pakistan.
  8. A study conducted by Professor of Integrative Biology, Dr. Tim Keitt, of the College of Natural Sciences, found that, “The U.S.-Mexico border spans regions of extraordinary biological diversity …Loss of biological diversity can have negative impacts on the ecosystem….” Dr. Keitt points out that despite the obvious fact that a fence will disrupt large animal migration patterns; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is waived from environmental regulations when constructing a border fence. They just can’t get it up fast enough.
  9. The Wall Street Journal has reported that “overhauling the U.S. immigration system increasingly points to the fact that about 40% of the 11 million undocumented workers in the country aren’t low-wage workers who sneaked over the southern border illegally, but rather foreigners who arrived legally and simply never left.”What is one to conclude from these facts?

Should we spend billions more on border security or is there a better answer? Rational people will think this is a stupid question. That does not change the fact that both the majority of Democrats and almost all Republicans in Congress support this incredible spending level. I always thought that the President holds veto power; but in modern America it’s the Tea Party that has the power, supported by corporate media, the defense industry, and Democrats who have caved in, led by Barack Obama.

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